Virtual Reality Simulators: Disrupting the Maritime Industry

Aug 23, 2023 | Insights

VR AMFA Adelaide & Port Adelaide
When you think about Maritime Simulators, it’s crucial to explore the cutting-edge advancements brought by the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) training offered by the Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy (AMFA).

Traditional maritime simulators have stood as effective training tools over the years, delivering a heightened sense of realism and tailored scenarios for vessel-specific training. Nevertheless, the setup and maintenance costs, coupled with potential limitations in flexibility and mobility, have been noteworthy concerns associated with these simulators.

AMFA is revolutionising maritime training through its incorporation of Virtual Reality through Morild Interaktiv’s products. Their courses go beyond convention, immersing trainees in interactive and lifelike virtual environments that closely replicate real-world scenarios.

This innovative approach empowers trainees to practice and refine their skills in settings that mimic actual situations. What’s more, AMFA’s VR training modules can be customised to accommodate the unique learning needs of each individual, allowing for personalised pacing and targetted skill enhancement.

One remarkable advantage of VR training is its cost-effectiveness in comparison to traditional simulators, as it eliminates the necessity for expensive physical equipment and extensive resources. Furthermore, the mobility of VR training is unmatched, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

This accessibility proves particularly convenient for trainees who may face constraints in attending in-person training sessions.

Morild Virtual Reality Simulator in action

As we ponder the future landscape of maritime training, it’s imperative to recognise the transformative potential of VR training. While traditional simulators have served their purpose, the realm of VR training promises a paradigm shift towards cost-efficient, tailored, and mobile training solutions. Notably, various esteemed organizations like the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the US Coast Guard have already embraced VR training for purposes such as Pilot training. Leading shipping companies are also actively adopting this approach, showcasing its rapid integration into the maritime industry.

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