Master Inland Waters

MAR31021: Certificate III in Maritime Operations

Course Overview

This qualification is offered by AMFA to people who are employed or seeking employment in the seafood or maritime industries to command a commercial marine vessel:

  • ​Up to 24 metres in length within inland waters.

​​This qualification is part of the regulatory requirements to obtain a Master Inland Waters Certificate of Competency (CoC). For other regulatory requirements relating to the Master Inland Waters CoC, please visit the AMSA website. ​

Additional Fees for MARSS00008 Shipboard Safety Skill Set apply.

Please refer to the MAR31018 course information sheet for more detailed information on this component.

Course Duration & Fees:

Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master Inland Waters)

Upon successful completion of this qualification you will receive a MAR31018 Certificate III in
Maritime Operations (Master Inland Waters) and a Statement of Attainment listing the appropriate
units of competency from AMFA.

Understanding Master Inland Waters

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of essential skills for maritime professionals.

Participants will learn first aid techniques, effective workplace relationship building, and vessel-related tasks such as slipping and docking vessels up to 80 meters, routine maintenance on vessels up to 24 meters, and the application of survival skills during vessel abandonment. The course also emphasizes fire-fighting procedures on board vessels, compliance with work health and safety requirements, and the utilization of weather information for inland water navigation as a Master.

Additionally, participants will gain expertise in managing and maintaining navigational watches for vessels up to 80 meters, ensuring safe vessel operation in compliance with regulations, monitoring environmental management, and maneuvering vessels up to 24 meters within near coastal waters.

Seamanship operations on vessels up to 24 meters are also covered, equipping graduates with a comprehensive skill set for success in the maritime industry.

Eligibility Criteria

To embark on the journey toward obtaining a Certificate I in Maritime Operations certificate, you must meet several eligibility requirements. These include:

Age Requirement: You must meet the minimum age criteria set by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

English Proficiency: Demonstrating a proficient level of English is crucial to effectively communicate and navigate in the maritime environment.

Medical Fitness: Ensuring that you are in good health to perform your duties safely at sea is a fundamental requirement.

Sea Service: Accumulating a specified amount of sea service is essential to prove your practical experience on the waters.

Training Completion: Successful completion of the required training, in accordance with the provided syllabus, is a mandatory step.

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