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Lifeboat Simulator

The Morild Lifeboat Simulator is a comprehensive tool for training lifeboat crew. It is available for use at the AMFA, and also for purchase.

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About Full Mission Lifeboat Simulator

The Morild Lifeboat Simulator is a comprehensive tool for training lifeboat crew in every aspect – from the construction and functionality of both lifeboat and davit, to full mission launch and recovery in scenario training. This cost-effective training solution is based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology which means that you get low hardware cost and high portability. In other words – training anywhere, anytime, even on board a vessel.

This product has been tested by the leading safety training operators in Norway, and the feedback we get is amazing; Saying that the training candidates are more competent after simulator training (compared to conventional training).

Features & functionality

  • Familiarisation mode of lifeboat and davit construction and functionality

  • Advanced physics for lifeboat, davit, mother vessel, chain, wire and hydrodynamics

  • Lifeboat impact damage

  • Instructor station tablet application

  • Multi-user functionality for avatars w/voice communication (via LAN and/or internet)

  • Recording and playback of training sessions

  • Second to none visual realism, quality and immersion

  • Possibility for custom lifeboat, davit and mother vessel

  • Full mission bridge simulator integration

  • Portable solution (fits in a laptop backpack)

Lifeboat VR at the AMFA
Lifeboat Virtual Reality software
Lifeboat VR Simulator AMFA

Familiarization mode

In the familiarization mode the training candidates get an indepth understanding of the construction and functionality of the lifeboat and davit system. When “X-ray” mode is enabled, the user can view internal equipment and structures which is normally hidden or difficult to observe. This gives a greater and more comprehensive understanding of how the equipment is constructed and functions.

The familiarization mode is a clinical environment, and this also makes it comfortable for the user to get used to interaction and navigation in VR before entering full mission scenario.

All equipment is fully functional and can be operated in familiarization mode, both lifeboat and davit.

Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy - Lifeboat VR
AMFA VR Simulators in Adelaide & Port Lincoln
Lifeboat Scenario on Morild VR

Instructor station

An integral part of lifeboat simulator is the Morild Builder instructor station and scenario builder. With the Morild Scenario Builder you can create, control and manipulate complex scenarios in realtime.

The application is also used as an advanced instructor station during scenario training, monitoring and for playback analysis in debriefing.

Functonality overview:

  • Time of day
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Visibility
  • Rain
  • Mother vessel heel (from -25° to 25°)
  • Alarms
  • Failure modes
  • Attach / detach hooks and painters
  • Multi-user role/position assignment
  • Voice communication with participants


IMO has accepted that simulators may be used to replace the infrastructure of a usual ‘hands-on’ approach, with students undertaking theoretical classes, accompanied by contact with a real lifeboat, davits and equipment, so long as trainees can continue to demonstrate accomplishment of the competences detailed in STCW tables referring to this training.

Survival craft competences of STCW are described in tables A-VI/2 -1, and the requirements of the course in part A of the same convention. STCW 2010 (Manila Amandments) requires re-certification for all mariners every 5 years.

The training also refers to SOLAS and LSA Code requirements for Safety of Life and equipment characteristics requirements.


  • Portable – train anywhere and anytime, even on site / on board vessel
  • Multi-user – collaborate in the same scenario, from same or different locations
  • Higher training volume due to simulator accessibility
  • Cost effective – both in acquisition and operation
  • Reduced travel expenses related to training & scalable

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