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Learn about Morild Interaktiv AS and its founder, Olav-Rasmus Vorren.

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About Morild

Morild specialises in creating tailored Virtual Reality (VR) training simulators for the maritime sector, focusing on excellence at every step. This opens up new possibilities, allowing advanced training right on-site. This approach virtualises the entire process, reducing costs and simplifying complexity compared to traditional methods.

Collaboration is key to Morild’s product development. They work closely with skilled maritime professionals and respected institutions, using their feedback to improve our training simulators. Most notably, of course is The Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy! With over 25 years of experience in the maritime field, Morild is well-equipped to meet your business’s needs for quality and effectiveness.

To learn more about how Morild’s advanced VR simulators can enhance your training capabilities or to schedule a demo, feel free to get in touch with AMFA at the bottom of this page, or by clicking the button below.

About Olav-Rasmus Vorren

Morild’s CEO and founder Olav-Rasmus Vorren has 20 years professional experience in 3D visualisation & interactive application development.

Prior to founding Morild, Olav-Rasmus Vorren worked on acclaimed video games Project IGI and Project IGI2 as Lead Artist, 3D visualiser for the Rolls Royce Marine division, and also had a background as a 3D graphics and animator for TV advertising.

Morild’s Range of Virtual Reality Products

Ship and Bridge Simulator - Maritime Simulator product

Ship & Bridge Simulator

Scenario Builder - Maritime Simulator product

Scenario Builder

Lifeboat VR - Marine Simulator


Simulators for the maritime industry

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