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Immerse yourself in the world of maritime education with the cutting-edge virtual reality training solutions offered by AMFA.

This innovative approach leverages VR technology to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for maritime students. From realistic ship simulations to hands-on training scenarios, the maritime VR program at AMFA opens new horizons in education, allowing learners to explore and comprehend maritime concepts in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Aspiring seafarers and maritime enthusiasts can navigate through various scenarios, gaining practical skills and deepening their understanding of the maritime industry. The AMFA’s commitment to integrating VR into maritime education reflects a dedication to advancing learning and training methodologies and preparing students for real-world challenges on the open seas.

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Embark on the maritime training of the future with the transformative power of immersive virtual reality. Hone essential skills in true-to-life scenarios, effectively minimising costs while enjoying the flexibility to learn from anywhere. Embrace this cutting-edge technology to elevate your readiness for real-world challenges like never before.

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Morild Ship & Bridge Simulator

In 2013, Morild Interaktiv released the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) ship & bridge simulator. The simulator is now a fully developed solution for training in navigation, ship handling, maneuvering and bridge resource management. Morild’s simulator is developed around DNV GL’s standard for Class A full mission simulator systems (DNVGL-ST-0033).

Morild Ship & Bridge is a full mission simulator system build for Virtual Reality (VR) Technology. An unlimited number of users can train together in the same scenario on the same -or different vessels. VR avatars enable the user to see and talk with other participants in the training scenario. Users and the instructor can be situated all around the world and train in the same scenario. Morild’s solution scales very well to large and complex scenarios with many users and vessels.

How we differ from other simulators

For the end user the main difference between a conventional -and Morild’s VR simulator is how the user interacts with handling equipment on the bridge. In the VR simulator everything is virtual, which offers new possibilities with regards to bridge equipment configurations and layouts being tailored to suit specific vessel types and propulsion system configurations. Morild’s state of the art VR interaction system ensures that the user experience is natural and that controls are easy to learn.

Morild’s experience developing conventional ship and bridge simulators over many years has given us experience and knowledge of our client’s requirements. This is a very important principle when developing a VR ship and bridge simulator system. We have made no compromises in achieving this, but rather taken advantage of the new possibilities available with VR technology. This has resulted in the next generation maritime training solution.

Morild Ship & Bridge is designed and built from scratch as a VR simulator system, which is vastly different to adding VR to a conventional simulator. We like to compare this to the automotive industry, where a superior EV platform also has to be designed and built from scratch, which is much more than just adding an electric motor to a petrol car.

Virtual touch-screen displays

In the virtual bridge you will find all the equipment you expect on a modern ship bridge – it is actually a digital twin of the real world. You can interact and operate everything with ease, and a vital part of modern ship handling and navigation is the bridge displays and related applications.

All bridge applications are built in accordance with the OpenBridge standard, a new generic design guideline for ship bridge applications. Morild’s VR bridge features the following applications; ECDIS, ARPA Radar, Conning and AUX.

The conning automatically adjusts dynamically to suit vessel and propulsion system setup in Morild’s vessel configurator.

In the AUX displays you find the following applications:

  • Autopilot
  • Navigation lights configuration
  • Searchlights
  • Decklights
  • Bridge lights
  • Wipers
  • Bridge display layout
  • Voyage routes
  • Inclinometer

Multi-user team training

Training cooperation between crew members on the bridge, and/or in complex operations with multiple vessels is one area where the advantages of our VR simulator system can be experienced. Participants in the training scenario can join from different locations. Another popular feature is remote instructor – where instructors can serve the entire world without leaving their offices. This enables our clients to use the ideal personnel for individual cases without exhausting their resources.

Morild have also developed advanced artificial intelligence (AI) agents which fills different roles on the bridge and vessel. This functionality enables individual users or incomplete teams to practice team training and complex operations in situations where they don’t have access to a full team.

Many of our clients’ personnel bring the VR simulator system home or on board their vessel, increasing training volume significantly. This is made possible by the compact design of our system and no requirement for internet connection in offline training. Everything you need fits in a backpack.

Academic research

The Arctic University of Norway, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of South-Eastern Norway are using Morild VR Ship & Bridge in their research and studies.

Data from two comparative university studies shows that our VR ship & bridge simulator performs better than the most advanced conventional simulator systems available on the market today. These findings correspond with feedback from our users. The combination of these findings and the cost-effectiveness of our system results in the optimal solution in every aspect.

Our close relationship and cooperation with academia, maritime research institutions and industry ensures continuous progress and development.

Vessel configurator

Morild’s vessel configurator enables you to tailor base models from our vessel database to suit your requirements. Setup propulsion system and vessel characteristics, bridge equipment configuration and layout to match specific use cases.

This is possible due to the unique design of our hydrodynamics and propulsion modelling system, which is specifically designed for this functionality. Individual vessel models has been verified with sea trail data to ensure high accuracy and realistic behavior models. In addition we engage highly skilled and experienced seafarers from esteemed institutions for further verification, testing and feedback.

We offer a wide range of different base models and our database is continuously expanding with new vessel types. All existing and new vessel models in our database are included in license subscriptions.

Morild Scenario Builder

The Morild Builder enables you to create, control and manipulate complex scenarios in realtime. The application is also used as an advanced instructor station during scenario training, for monitoring and playback analysis in debriefing.

Morild’s scenario builder is a comprehensive and powerful tool, which enables you to design and build your training scenarions down to the smallest detail. With the advanced vessel voyage path editing tool, you can setup realistic and challenging ship traffic for the training candidates to deal with.

You can also setup and configure ice fields and characteristics, ice channels, place local weather zones to be triggered at a certain time or when vessels enters them.

These are just a few examples of what is possible. The Morild Builder can also be used as a tool to plan operations. Click the “Learn More” button to find out more.

Features & functionality

  • Advanced 3D view editor
  • Recording and playback of training sessions
  • Vessel builder / configurator
  • Cloud storage and sharing of scenarios
  • Voice communication with participants
  • Remote instructor
  • Time of day and weather control
  • Video capture functionality
  • Second to none visual realism and quality
  • Advanced vessel voyage path system

Morild Lifeboat – Full Mission Lifeboat Simulator

The Morild Lifeboat Simulator is a comprehensive tool for training lifeboat crew in every aspect – from the construction and functionality of both lifeboat and davit, to full mission launch and recovery in scenario training. This cost-effective training solution is based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology which means that you get low hardware cost and high portability. In other words – training anywhere, anytime, even on board a vessel.

This product has been tested by the leading safety training operators in Norway, and the feedback we get is amazing; Saying that the training candidates are more competent after simulator training (compared to conventional training).

Features & functionality

  • Advanced 3D view editor
  • Recording and playback of training sessions
  • Vessel builder / configurator
  • Cloud storage and sharing of scenarios
  • Voice communication with participants
  • Remote instructor
  • Time of day and weather control
  • Video capture functionality
  • Second to none visual realism and quality
  • Advanced vessel voyage path system
  • Recording and playback of training sessions
  • Second to none visual realism, quality and immersion
  • Possibility for custom lifeboat, davit and mother vessel
  • Full mission bridge simulator integration
  • Portable solution (fits in a laptop backpack)

Instructor station

An integral part of lifeboat simulator is the Morild Builder instructor station and scenario builder. With the Morild Scenario Builder you can create, control and manipulate complex scenarios in realtime.

The application is also used as an advanced instructor station during scenario training, monitoring and for playback analysis in debriefing.


IMO has accepted that simulators may be used to replace the infrastructure of a usual ‘hands-on’ approach, with students undertaking theoretical classes, accompanied by contact with a real lifeboat, davits and equipment, so long as trainees can continue to demonstrate accomplishment of the competences detailed in STCW tables referring to this training.

Survival craft competences of STCW are described in tables A-VI/2 -1, and the requirements of the course in part A of the same convention. STCW 2010 (Manila Amandments) requires re-certification for all mariners every 5 years.

The training also refers to SOLAS and LSA Code requirements for Safety of Life and equipment characteristics requirements.

Familiarisation mode

In the familirisation mode the training candidates get an indepth understanding of the construction and functionality of the lifeboat and davit system. When “X-ray” mode is enabled, the user can view internal equipment and structures which is normally hidden or difficult to observe. This gives a greater and more comprehensive understanding of how the equipment is constructed and functions.

The familiarization mode is a clinical environment, and this also makes it comfortable for the user to get used to interaction and navigation in VR before entering full mission scenario.

All equipment is fully functional and can be operated in familiarization mode, both lifeboat and davit.

Functonality overview:

  • Time of day
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Visibility
  • Rain
  • Mother vessel heel (from -25° to 25°)
  • Alarms
  • Failure modes
  • Attach / detach hooks and painters
  • Multi-user role/position assignment
  • Voice communication with participants


  • Portable – train anywhere and anytime, even on site / on board vessel
  • Multi-user – collaborate in the same scenario, from same or different locations
  • Higher training volume due to simulator accessibility
  • Cost effective – both in acquisition and operation
  • Reduced travel expenses related to training & scalable
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About Morild

Morild’s expertise and passion is developing Virtual Reality (VR) training simulator systems for the maritime sector, without compromise on quality in any aspect. Now you can bring advanced simulator training on site! Everything is virtualised, significantly reducing cost and system complexity compared to conventional solutions.

Morild’s VR training simulators are developed in close cooperation with highly skilled & experienced personnel and institutions in the maritime sector, continually pushing – and giving them invaluable feedback. AMFA are excited to be the exclusive Agent for Morild Virtual Reality Maritime Simulators (VR) in the Asia Pacific region. AMFA use the latest Maritime Simulator software and hardware to train up to Master 35 Students within the Academy.

Morild have more than 25 years of experience working with the maritime sector, and are confident that their background and experience will guarantee the quality and excellence you require.

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