Grievance Procedures

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Complaints & Grievances:

The Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy (AMFA) makes every effort to ensure that students have a grievance free experience while attending the Academy. However, if and when a student grievance arises, the Academy will ensure that the resolution of that grievance is transparent and fair to all parties concerned.

All student complaints and grievances will be given due consideration whether or not they are expressed formally.

A register of student complaints and grievances will be maintained including the resolution to those grievances. Completion of Form AD-02 is the procedure for handling complaints and grievances in the first instance.

Students will be encouraged to act to resolve grievances, before they become critical, by discussing their grievances with their trainer in the first instance and if not resolved, with the Programme Manager.

All parties to a student complaint or grievance will be expected to respect the rights of each other and aggressive, dismissive, abusive or derogatory behaviour will not be tolerated as this would be in contravention of both the Student and Staff Codes of Conduct.

Students with a complaint or a grievance that cannot be resolved with their trainer and/or Programme Manager have the right to raise their grievance in writing with the Academy CEO who will attempt to resolve the grievance through a conciliatory process.

Students will at all times be fully informed of their rights and should their grievance not be able to be resolved within the Academy they will be provided with the contact details of the appropriate external organisation to deal with their grievance.

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