Demonstrating Maritime VR to School Students

Sep 29, 2023 | News

This article was written by Andrew Carney, Virtual Reality (VR) program manager at AMFA.

Today was a remarkable day as I had the privilege of visiting Sacred Heart College Middle School to showcase the incredible world of Morild Virtual Reality Maritime Simulators. It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse, and I was excited to introduce the students to this cutting-edge technology created by Morild Interaktiv.

The highlight of the day was the demonstration of the Morild Virtual Reality Simulator, a technology that allows students to immerse themselves in the maritime world. This simulator brings the sea to life, offering a realistic experience of maritime scenarios. As a legitimate enthusiast of this technology, I firmly believe that it opens doors to a world of learning and adventure, preparing students for potential careers in the maritime industry.

The experience at Sacred Heart College Middle School was fantastic. I witnessed the students’ fascination and enthusiasm as they put on our VR headsets and explored maritime environments. As an advocate for maritime education, I am convinced that such initiatives are vital for introducing young minds to the possibilities of the maritime world.

Through this demonstration, we hope to inspire the next generation of seafarers, navigators, and maritime professionals. We hope to see some of these students at AMFA in the future!

Morild VR at Sacred Heart College
Virtual Reality demonstration at school

Eager to explore further?

For those curious about what Maritime VR entails, the Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy (AMFA) provides comprehensive information here on our website! Morild Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for learning and training in the maritime industry, offering a safe and immersive environment for students to develop essential skills.

With the support of institutions like AMFA and the enthusiasm of students at Sacred Heart College, the future of maritime education looks promising.

In conclusion, today’s visit to SHCMS was an opportunity to share the wonders of Maritime VR with young minds. It’s a small step toward inspiring the maritime professionals of tomorrow and a reminder of the boundless potential that technology holds in the world of education.

About Andrew Carney

Andrew is an experienced Instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Management, Customer Service, Sales, and Leadership. Andrew graduated from Vermont High School. He is a trainer at the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy. Master 5. Currently helping develop online learning to the Maritime industry

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