Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal

MAR10421: Certificate I in Maritime Operations

Course Overview

This qualification is offered by AMFA to people who are employed or seeking employment in the seafood or maritime industries to:

  • Command a commercial marine vessel
  • Up to 12 metres in length
  • With propulsion power that is unlimited for an outboard engine or up to 100kW for an inboard engine
  • That is not carrying passengers

Operate this vessel:

  • In sheltered waters or
  • As a tender or auxiliary vessel within 3 nautical miles (nm) of a parent vessel within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or
  • Within 3 nm from point of departure, shore base or aquaculture lease

This qualification is part of the regulatory requirements to obtain a Coxswain Grade 2 NC Certificate of Competency (CoC).

For other regulatory requirements relating to the Coxswain Grade 2 NC CoC course, please contact us.

Course Duration & Fees:

Coxswain Grade 2 NC course

Certificate I in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal)

Upon successful completion of this qualification you will receive a MAR10418 Certificate I in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal) and a Statement of Attainment listing the appropriate units of competency from AMFA.

Understanding Coxswain Grade 2

The Coxswain Grade 2 course (Certificate II in Maritime Operations) stands as a testament to your competency in commanding and operating vessels within Australia’s inshore and designated waters. This certification is designed for individuals seeking to take charge of vessels under 12 meters.

With Coxswain Grade 2, you gain the authority to handle commercial marine vessels up to 12 metres in length and with propulsion power that is unlimited for an outboard engine or up to 500kW for an inboard engine. If you’re interested in a Coxswain Grade 1 course, click here.

Additional Notes

By meeting eligibility criteria, embracing the syllabus, and adhering to marine orders, you will become a capable and responsible vessel operator by completing this course.

Coxswain Grade 2 NC course unlocks endless opportunities on the waters for both those pursuing a maritime career and individuals striving to enhance their skills.

Eligibility Criteria

To embark on the journey toward obtaining a Certificate I in Maritime Operations certificate, you must meet several eligibility requirements. These include:

Age Requirement: You must meet the minimum age criteria set by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

English Proficiency: Demonstrating a proficient level of English is crucial to effectively communicate and navigate in the maritime environment.

Medical Fitness: Ensuring that you are in good health to perform your duties safely at sea is a fundamental requirement.

Sea Service: Accumulating a specified amount of sea service is essential to prove your practical experience on the waters.

Training Completion: Successful completion of the required training, in accordance with the provided syllabus, is a mandatory step.

What the Coxswain Course Covers

In the Coxswain Grade 2 course, participants gain comprehensive skills essential for the effective operation and management of vessels up to 12 meters. The curriculum covers the operation of both inboard and outboard motors, ensuring that students become proficient in handling various propulsion systems. Emphasising safety, the course equips individuals with basic survival skills, preparing them for potential vessel abandonment scenarios.

Participants learn to follow precise procedures for minimising and combating fires on board, emphasising the importance of safety protocols. Compliance with work health and safety requirements is a central focus, fostering an understanding of regulatory measures to ensure the secure operation of vessels. Environmental consciousness is instilled through the promotion of responsible work practices. Seamanship skills are honed, enabling participants to confidently handle vessels of up to 12 meters, demonstrating proficiency in navigation and maneuvering techniques.

Overall, the Coxswain Grade 2 course imparts a well-rounded skill set (Certificate I in Maritime Operations), combining technical know-how, safety protocols, and environmental awareness for effective and responsible vessel operation. 

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