Coxswain Grade 3 Near Coastal

Course Overview

This qualification is offered by AMFA, and the AMSA issued certificate grants you the authority to:

  • Command and manage vessels less than 12 meters in length with outboard engine propulsion under 250 kW or inboard engines less than 100 kilowatts.
    • Limit of 6 persons onboard, including crew and master.
    • In daylight hours only, if carrying passengers
    • Operations permitted in:
      • Marinas.
      • Mooring areas within sight and communication range of a marina.
      • Inland waters.
      • Calm / smooth waters.
      • Within 1 nautical mile from shore.
      • Inside or within 1 nautical mile of an aquaculture lease, or in approved transit waters to and from an aquaculture lease.
  • Command and manage tenders less than 12 meters long with outboard engine propulsion less than 250 kW or inboard engines less than 100 kilowatts.
    • Daylight operation for passenger transportation.
  • Operations within either of the following:
    • If holding a recreational boat license, within 1 nautical mile of a parent vessel within the exclusive economic zone and in line of sight of the parent vessel.

This certificate will also allow you to:

  • Command and operate the engines of a vessel less than 12 metres long with propulsion power for inboard or outboard engine of up to 500 kW
    • That is used only for towing people
    • In daylight hours only
    • In waters approved as a water ski area by a State or Territory authority.

Course Duration & Fees:

Upon successful completion, you will be issued a Cosxwain G3 declaration form #1882.

Changing from Exemption 38

If you are applying for a Coxswain grade 3 after holding an exemption 38, you must apply for a “new certificate”, not a “renewal”.

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Additional Notes

By meeting eligibility criteria, embracing the syllabus, and adhering to marine orders, you will become a capable and responsible vessel operator by completing this course.

Coxswain Grade 3 NC course unlocks endless opportunities on the waters for both those pursuing a maritime career and individuals striving to enhance their skills.

Eligibility Criteria

To embark on the journey toward obtaining a Certificate I in Maritime Operations certificate, you must meet several eligibility requirements. These include:

Age Requirement: You must meet the minimum age, which is 16 by certifiate issue date.

English Proficiency: Demonstrating a proficient level of English is crucial to effectively communicate and navigate in the maritime environment.

Medical Fitness: Ensuring that you are in good health to perform your duties safely at sea is a fundamental requirement.

Sea Service: Accumulating a specified amount of sea service is essential to prove your practical experience on the waters.

Training Completion: Successful completion of the required training, in accordance with the provided syllabus, is a mandatory step.

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