Course Fee Structure

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Course Fees:

Each course has an established fee which varies depending on the nature of the course and your circumstance, such as eligibility for WorkReady support.

Click here for the WorkReady eligibility link.

Fees and charges may be paid by cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS or a company may be invoiced.

Successful enrolment applications in Academy courses cannot be guaranteed until course fees (if any) are paid and receipts must be retained to verify payments.

Course Cancellation:

Should AMFA cancel a course either before commencement or once it has commenced, a pro rata refund or placement in another course will be made available to students as soon as possible. Every endeavour will be made to find places on alternative courses at other organisations if AMFA cannot offer another course time.

Cancellation, Withdrawals or Transfers:

Grounds for refunds:

Students will receive a full refund of fees paid and there will be no administration charge in the following circumstances:

  • The course is cancelled.
  • The course is rescheduled to a time and location that is unsuitable for the student.
  • A student is not given a place due to the class being full.

Course In-completion & Withdrawals:

Should AMFA be unable to deliver any of the units of competency scheduled in a particular training program, a pro-rata refund will be made available to students as soon as possible and every endeavour will be made to find placements on alternative courses at other training organisations.

  • Completion of all Blended Learning Courses must be within 12 months otherwise re enrolment fees will apply.
  • AMFA offers a student enrolling into a classroom based training course a five (5) day cooling off period.
  • Refunds after the cooling off period will be considered on a pro-rata basis for participants who fall ill or are injured to the extent that they can no longer undertake the course or practical providing a supporting Medical Certificate is supplied to us.
  • In all other cases, refunds are at the discretion of management and may be negotiated on an individual case-by-case basis.
  • Blended Learning course enrolments will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Students wishing to change their practical booking date will incur a fee of $150 per change (up to 2 changes then full fees will apply).
  • All refunds will incur a 10% administration fee.

Procedures for applying for refunds:

An application for refund of course fees under any other circumstance must be made in writing to AMFA via email.

The General Manager will consider each application and advise the student in writing within 10 working days of receiving the application. The decision as to whether the student will receive a refund or partial refund will be made based on the grounds for refunds specified above.

Payment of Refunds:

AMFA will pay the refund to the person or organisation whom the payment was received on behalf of the student. Payment of refunds will normally be paid by direct deposit or cheque.

Additional fees:

The Academy has no authority to deal with any matters that are handled by the maritime regulator. These matters may include:

  • calculation of sea time
  • the processing of applications for maritime licences
  • the fees charged
  • the booking of final exams

Students should contact the maritime regulator directly to determine what they are required to do to obtain their maritime licences.

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