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In order to work in the near coastal Australian Maritime industry as a master or engineer, you must be properly trained and will need a Certificate of Competency. To get your Certificate of Competency you will need to complete a course at a registered organisation (RTO) and pass a final assessment.

AMSA Domestic Qualifications

For low complexity Certificates of Competency the final assessment is an AMSA mandated practical assessment (AMPA) Low complexity Certificates of Competency are:​

  • General purpose hand near coastal
  • Coxswain grade 2 near coastal
  • Coxswain grade 1 near coastal
  • Master less than 24 metres near coastal
  • Master (inland waters)
  • Marine engine driver grade 3 near coastal
  • Marine engine driver grade 2 near coastal

Final assessment is the AMSA mandated practical assessment that must be conducted by an RTO approved by AMSA as a final assessor.​

Final assessors for low complexity certificates of competency

On successful completion of the final assessment (AMPA) the RTO may issue you with an interim Certificate of Competency that will allow you to start working. To be eligible for the interim Certificate of Competency you must have completed your Certificate of Competency application, as well as attaching other evidence listed in the checklist on the application.​

​AMSA fees for domestic commercial vessels for Certificates of Competency, effective from 1 July 2018.​

You can lodge your application at one of the 110 participating Australia post outlets.

​Certificate of Competency

To get your high complexity Certificate of Competency you will need to complete a course at a registered training organisation (RTO) and complete your final assessment through AMSA. High complexity Certificates of Competency are:

  • Master less than 35 metres near coastal
  • Mate less than 80 metres near coastal
  • Master less than 80 metres near coastal
  • Marine engine driver grade 1 near coastal
  • Engineer class 3 near coastal

​If you have any queries relating to the AMSA requirements, please contact AMSA Connect on: 1800 627 484

About the AMSA

Australia’s national regulatory body, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s maritime and aviation sectors. AMSA’s primary mission is to ensure the safety of vessel operations, combat marine pollution, and conduct rescue operations in times of distress.

This mandate extends to both the domestic and international realms, making AMSA a critical authority in Australia’s maritime landscape. The agency upholds international and national standards related to ship construction and equipment, further contributing to the safety and security of the marine environment and navigation within Australian waters.

AMSA’s comprehensive approach encompasses diverse aspects of maritime safety and protection. This includes not only regulating vessel operations but also actively responding to emergencies through its search and rescue services.

By ensuring the adherence to stringent safety standards and quick response to incidents, AMSA contributes significantly to Australia’s maritime and aviation safety, environmental protection, and overall well-being in these sectors.

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